Your Choice in 2021

   2020-12-30 12:17:36

Your Choice in 2021

Your Choice in 2021

                                              Your Choice in 2021

 At Jo Academy we dedicate our time to provide interactive educational online courses tailored for successful international students, so they could be accepted at top universities and step into their real purpose.

University and Career Dreams in 2021

Our Jo Academy International Team and the whole Jo Academy crew are fully committed to motivating students to pursue their university and career dreams in 2021. Students should prepare to be fully equipped in 2021 with the right digital tools and educational online courses to complete their education and take it to the next level.

Successes in 2020

Jo Academy has achieved many successes in 2020 and would like to congratulate all our students and teachers for being committed to actively learning, get more knowledge which empowers them to become a better version of themselves. Top-notch international programs are offered by Jo Academy International Programs that are specially designed to take students to the next level. No matter if you prepare for the International Baccalaureate, American or British program, you will find the right courses to match your learning style and set you on the fast-track to achieve the highest grades.

Courses Description

You could register for self-paced, high-end courses that incorporate quizzes towards the end of them. The American Program at Jo Academy offers SAT Subject Test, AP, ACT. The British Program includes A level , O level and the International Baccalaureate cover SL and HL.

SAT, IG, or IB Student

Our first priority is Jo Academy students, as we are fully committed to enhancing students' unique experiences, no matter if they are SAT, IG or IB Student. Students will be prepared for their exams while learning new skills to achieve higher scores. After completing online courses at JoAcademy, you will feel more confident to achieve all your study targets, while expanding your ways of thinking.

Premium Quality Content

Jo Academy provides you with premium Quality Content with a full curriculum for each program taught by professional teachers trained to help you achieve the highest scores. Check Jo Academy’s online courses and our newest brochure on the Facebook page. Register for success.

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