College-level credits with Advanced Placement

   2021-01-03 12:03:01

College-level credits with Advanced Placement

College-level credits with Advanced Placement

College-level credits with Advanced Placement



Jo Academy wishes you a happy and productive 2021 and fully believes in you that you can achieve all your objectives. Take a pen and a notebook and write your main goals in 2021, and think about how you can act upon them.


College Level Credits

As many students, have asked about APs, we want to share with you the importance of planning for the Advanced Placements which can give you college-level credits in this blessed year.


AP Online Lessons

Jo Academy International Programs offer AP Microeconomics and AP Calculus online courses. AP Microeconomics and AP Calculus cover the full syllabus, mock exams, and interactive video classes, taught by well-trained AP teachers.


AP is recognized by Colleges

AP scores can get you placements or college-level credits because AP courses

Include content found in introductory classes at the college level in 2021.


Placement & Credit

Capable and motivated students understand the real value of the AP Exam scores. International students use AP Exam scores to receive college credit and allow them to aspire for upper-level courses.  The American Council on Education (ACE) and the College Board normally suggest awarding credit for AP Exam scores of 3 or higher.

Post-Secondary Studies

Students generally have the chance to improve their post-secondary studies when they register for a wider array of courses, or when students advance their chosen majors by enrolling in more upper-level classes. This opportunity is given by the high value of APs.

AP Exam Scores

By taking the APs, students will gain credits or placements and be able to go to college and advance their studies. As a successful tip in 2021, you could focus on earning more credits and advanced placement in AP Exam scores, so that you will get more credits overall.


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